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Intelligent heavy duty sanding machine (2019 models) Model: SDG13-T2P4L3

This machine is suitable for all kinds of European windows, flat windows, grille windows and other combination of integral windows of the plane special-shaped surface white blank, paint sanding.

Modular design of sanding parts can be combined according to process requirements. The machine can also be used for surface whitening and paint sanding of all kinds of plane special-shaped products (such as doors, photo frames, cabinets, beds, wooden wires, etc.).

Solve many problems such as low efficiency of manual grinding and serious dust hazard.

Configuration description:

1. The machine is equipped with 9 sets of sanding units, which are composed of six sets of sanding components. And equipped with automatic feed induction and sanding surface brush dust removal components.

2. Feed induction components: automatic induction of the width and position of the workpiece;

3. The first set of sanding parts, two groups of planar pan sanding groups are reversed to sanding the workpiece plane, to hang the paint, and uneven grinding, and to break the paint surface;

4. The second and third sets of sanding parts, four groups of sanding units, respectively 360 degrees forward and 360 degrees reverse, all corners of the workpiece are sanded and sanded in an all-round way.

5. Fourth, fifth and sixth sets of sanding parts, three groups of sanding units, two positive and one negative and one positive (which can be set up according to need), large diameter sand rollers, large area sanding, the first several sanding lines are comprehensively sorted out. The concave and convex surfaces are sanded.

6. Dust removal parts: dust removal on sanded surface to facilitate the next process.

Functional characteristics:

1) The sander has a wide range of applications and processing. It can sanding workpieces with a height of 150 mm and a width of 1300 mm.

2) The machine adopts heavy structure and can be equipped with various abrasives and grinding heads.

3) Modular production of sanding parts, independent frequency conversion speed regulation, independent lifting control, independent oscillation and swing, PLC man-machine interface, visual display, operation, adjustment, maintenance and indication.

4) Quick shunting can store hundreds of sanding schemes.

5) It has head and tail protection design, automatic identification of head and tail, and automatic deceleration of sand rollers.

6) Floating sanding design can facilitate automatic connection of multiple machines.

7) Abrasive discs and rollers can be equipped with abrasives such as abrasive strips, DuPont wires, wire brushes and so on to fulfill different work needs.

8) Vacuum adsorption worktable (optional).

Mechanical parameter description

Equipment model


Workpiece width

50~1300 mm

Minimum length of workpiece

600 mm

Workpiece thickness range

10 ~ 150 mm

Lifting power

1.1 kw

Feeding power


Feeding speed

1 ~ 12m/min

Servo motor power


Plane disk sander

2×1.5 kw ×Φ180mm

Rotating disk sand

2×1.5 kw 13×Φ180mm

Sand abrasive belt brush roller

3×3 kw Φ380×1300mm

Dust collector roller

1.1 kw Φ160×1300mm

Dust collector


Total power

24.8KW/380V 50HZ

Outline dimension




1.What are the requirements of the equipment for vacuum cleaning?

In order to make the environment of the machine workplace clean and the maintenance of the machine, the factory is equipped with appropriate vacuum equipment.

To prepare the vacuum exhaust pipe from the vacuum equipment to the machine installation position, specifications are 125 mm in diameter.

The best wind speed in the exhaust pipe should be kept at about 30 m/s (1.464 m3/s).

2.What kind of abrasives can be used for sand edge and wooden thread sand head?

The grinding head can use sponge wheel, abrasive belt, various grinding wheels, polishing wheels, brushes, abrasive strips, octagonal wheels, thousand impellers, flying wheel, polishing cloth wheel, steel wire wheel, nylon wheel, etc. and can install spiral rollers for abrasive polishing.

Causes of Common Failures and Solutions

1. No power display on operation panel

Cause split: 1. The power switch is not turned on.

Solution: Turn on the power switch.

Cause split: 2. Control cabinet switch off.

Solution: Check the circuit and close the switch.

2. Phase Sequence Error

Reasons split: 1. The first power-on of the new machine will be displayed.

Solution: Three-phase power supply switching between any two phases.

3. Abnormal Plate Thickness

Reasons split: 1. Workpiece placed in worktable is too thick, safe feeding baffle: when the workpiece exceeds the set thickness of 5 mm or when the workpiece is carelessly dragged into the conveyor by hand, the red baffle will start feeding protection function, and the equipment will stop and alarm to ensure safety. The operation screen will show abnormal thickness.

Solution: Removal method is to lift the main lifting by touching the manual button on the page in the functional interface, and then take out the workpiece.

Safety code

(1) Operators and maintenance personnel must read the instructions in detail to prevent equipment and personal accidents.Our Company shall not be liable for any accident which has not occurred in accordance with the operation of the instructions.

(2) Operators should wear formal work clothes (including hats, shoes, gloves, protective glasses, etc.) before work.

(3) Check whether the power supply voltage is normal.

(4) The machine must be ground to prevent leakage of electricity.

(5) Check if the machine has been damaged.

NC Flat Sand Unit (T1, T2 positive and negative group)

Sanding parts is controlled by servo system. Two groups of planar disc sanding sets are used to sanding the workpiece's surface by positive and negative rotation, which can be aimed at deformed plate, plate with large size error, paint hanging, paint surface particles, orange peel and uneven smoothing, and break the paint surface.

Transverse sanding unit (A1, A2 positive and negative group)

The two groups of horizontal spiral roll positive and reverse sanding group sanded the transverse concave and convex surfaces of the workpiece, both sides of which can be sanded in place.

360 degree disc sanding unit (P1, P2, P3, P4 positive and negative groups)

Four groups of sanding units, 360 degrees forward and 360 degrees reverse respectively, carry out all-round polishing and sanding on all corners of the workpiece.

Spiral Roller Sanding Unit (L1, L2 Reverse and Positive)

Two groups of sanding units, positive and negative, large diameter sand roller large area sanding, the first several sanding grain for comprehensive sorting. The concave and convex surfaces are sanded.

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